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Find Frankenstein
Competition Terms and Conditions

Find Frankenstein

Hive at Hologic | Halloween Competition 2022

The aim of the competition is to find Frankenstein inside the Hive's haunted house online, following codes provided with food and drink purchases in the Hive.

The haunted house is home to many scary rooms and residents, but there's only one Frankenstein! Find Frankenstein to win the grand prize.

1. Customers must purchase food and drink items in the Hive to receive a halloween competition code.

2. Not all purchases come with codes, these are given out randomly.

3. Customers may only receive one code per transaction, regardless of transaction total.

4. Customers must visit the webpage provided to them on the code slip and enter the password also provided on the code slip to check the room in the haunted house.

5. Customers must keep their code vouchers in order to claim prizes including both smaller giveaways and the grand prize should they win.


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