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Catering Associate at Hologic

Your Job Title and Responsibilities

Your official job title is 'Catering Associate'.


Your responsibilities are to assist the Catering Manager and Supervisor where necessary with day to day tasks at our Hologic site. Your main responsibilities will include basic food preparation duties, in particular cold food preparation, but you can expect to be asked to complete a variety of food related tasks including preparing food to order for customers during busy service times. Your responsibilities also include cleaning duties on site and organisational duties as directed by your manager.

Hours of Work. Attendance and Punctuality

Your hours of work are 7:30am - 3:00pm. You are expected to arrive on site earlier than your start time to give yourself an opportunity to change into your work clothes, wash your hands and settle in, ready for your shift start. You are expected to be working at your start time, not arriving. Punctuality is important and monitored by management. 

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