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Our Contract Options

What is Contract Catering?

Contract Catering is simply what it sounds like. A contract agreement for catering services between a business, organisation, school or other establishment and the catering company.

Subsidised Contract

Our subsidised contract includes two set fees every month. A service charge fee, which covers staffing costs, off site management and admin and other general running costs. And a subsidy fee, which is an agreed percentage 

Fixed Contract

Our fixed contract is our most straight forward contract. We'll provide the catering services at a reduced rate to reflect the overheads covered by you and we'll simply charge you a service fee each month, to cover staffing costs, off site management and admin amongst other general running costs. This guarantees us the ability to cater for your staff or customers at your site, without the need for the general public to spend their money in your business, in order for us to achieve a fair financial return. You cover the basics for us as a form of "guarantee" and we'll do the rest.

Benefits of Contract Catering

So why enter into a catering contract and not just hire catering staff directly? Running a Catering operation is a big undertaking. It isn't as simple as grilling the sausages in the morning! The paperwork, the staff training, the environmental health factors, all of these things play a vital role in running a successful food service. It's also about creativity and personalisation. Unlike individual employees, as a Company we are able to offer larger 

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