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Terms and Conditions

Find the Golden Egg 2023 | HP Catering Ltd (The Hive)

Terms and Conditions


  1. The Competition will run from Monday March 27th to Thursday April 6th

  2. The Competition ends on Thursday April 6th at 2pm

  3. Winners have until Thursday April 6th at 2pm to claim any and all prizes. Prizes not claimed by this time will not be available to claim

  4. There are several small spot prizes to be won and one grand prize to be won. The grand prize is a collection of full sized Easter eggs and other easter treats

  5. Winners of any prize must keep their ticket and hand it in personally to the Hive to claim their prize. Prizes cannot be claimed via email or other means of contact

  6. The grand prize is a first come first issue, meaning more than one grand prize winning ticket may be in circulation on site at any one time. The first person to claim in the Hive with their ticket will be the winner

  7. All video, picture and audio used in this competition has either been provided to HP Catering Ltd by third party media companies or are considered fair use

  8. Players can play this competition on laptops, PC's and tablet or mobile devices

  9. Internet restrictions or other causes of competition pages not loading correctly or fully which result in a player missing out on a prize are not the responsibility of HP Catering Ltd

  10. Tickets are issued for free with food or drink purchases in the Hive

  11. Tickets are issued at random, at different times of the day

  12. Tickets cannot be requested or paid for

  13. For technical or other support please speak to a member of staff in the Hive

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