Hologic Hospitality Help and Support

How do I order Hospitality online?

To order Hospitality online visit the online ordering page via the main Hologic page on the Hot Plate Catering website - Click here for direct access to the Online Ordering Page. If you are making payment using a Cost Centre Number, please clearly state the number in the 'Special Requests' box before clicking 'Order Now'. Please also clearly state the room or location for your order to be delivered to in the same 'Special Requests' box. When prompted, select 'Cash'. No cash will be required - this is just to let us know to use the Cost Centre number provided. You will be invoiced via the Cost Centre at the end of the month. You can also pay by Card by selecting the option when prompted at checkout. The system will say that it is a 'Pick up' or 'Collection' order but please disregard this as your order will be delivered to the room specified.

How do I know that you have received my booking?

You will receive an email confirmation within 24hrs, usually quicker and your booking will also be outlined in the Invoice and Order History page which can be accessed via the main Hologic page on the Hot Plate Catering website. (Please allow some time for the order history page to be updated as this is done manually). If you don't receive a confirmation and your order doesn't appear on the order history page, please contact Management on 07590695359.

The day I require catering for is not available (greyed out) on the Calendar?

This could be because there isn't enough notice for the date selected, please allow at least 48hrs (working days), to guarantee availability. In extreme circumstances, please contact Catering Management on 07590695359 (including on weekends) and we will do what we can to help but cannot guarantee availability.

One of the staff members on my booking has an allergy, how do I let you know?

There is an allergy section on the main menu itself (in the sections on the left navigation bar of the menu) and every dish and option on this menu is prepared, wrapped and served seperately and safely. We would also recommend including some brief but clear information about this in the Special Requests information box before clicking 'Order Now' along with your room for delivery and cost centre number. If unsure, please always feel welcome to call Catering Management on 07590695359 (including on weekends).

I cannot access the online ordering page or my order isn't going through?

We would first recommend trying a different browser. If this doesn't work, you can order over the phone by calling Catering Management on 07590695359. If you cannot see the online ordering form, you can ask for a paper copy and we will drop one off to your office or email you with the full menu. Please only book by phone or email when the online ordering page is not an option, to help assist us in keeping Hospitality in one place and as organised and clear for everyone as possible.

I need to book multiple orders for the same day

This is no problem, but please book seperate orders for each individual booking with respective cost centre numbers, names etc, even if you are paying by card.

I put the wrong date or time on my booking, how do I change it?

Please call Catering Management on 07590695359 or fill in the Contact Form via the Contact page and provide details of the order you would like to change and the revised details.