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Image by Timothy Eberly
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Summer in the Hive
June 13th - September 23rd

As we're sure you'll agree, everything is better with a bit of sun! As the weather finally begins to warm up we are looking forward to three months of delicious Summer specials, ice creams, summer themes and much more, kicking off with our trip to the seaside theme in July.

Ice cream will be available throughout the three month Summer period along with our very own Hive Summer milkshake and smoothie which will also be available throughout. We've also got some stunning burger and BBQ recipes which will be hitting the special menu as we go along.

If you're going for the beach bod, you can also take advantage of our fresh salad bar everyday in the Hive, or our 'lighter lunch option of the week' which will include dishes such as warm quiche and coleslaw salad and BBQ chicken salad to name just a couple!

Whatever the mood, be sure to head to the Hive to cool off and recharge this Summer! We can't wait to see you there! 


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