Conditions of Booking - The Small Print - As of February 2020


Here at Hot Plate Catering Oldham, we have tried to make our terms of business as straight forward as possible.  If however, you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us before you decide to book.


Payments and Cancellations

1a What happens if I cancel?

If you cancel or postpone your event at any time, you will lose your deposit. Your deposit guarantees you the date reservation which means that most of the time, we refuse other bookings to accommodate you. We must therefore retain your deposit to cover labour and costs for that day, regardless of whether or not it goes ahead. This means that once your deposit is paid, it is then non-refundable.

A deposit is worked out at roughly one-third of your overall total (including any fees and delivery charges). Management for Hot Plate Catering will decide on a suitable deposit amount for your booking at the time of booking. It must be paid in advance, although remaining balances can be paid later. If you cancel or postpone and have paid the full amount, we will retain your deposit and refund you on any other payments. For example, if you have paid the overall total which is £300 (including a deposit of £100) and then need to cancel or postpone, you will lose your deposit of £100 but we will refund you the remaining £200. Your deposit becomes non-refundable immediately after payment is made.

If you need to change your time of delivery or service, this is subject to availability. We recommend booking when you have a good idea on which time you would like. As we often do more than one event per day, we cannot necessarily change the time of your delivery or service if it is no longer available. Cancellation, as a result, would still result in your deposit being lost. We will make every attempt to accommodate time changes wherever necessary.


Please note, your deposit amount is 100% non-refundable once paid. Please make absolutely sure that you have the right date and time for your event. You can always contact us for further details or reassurance if you are unsure.


1b. Could Hot Plate Catering cancel my booking?

In the unlikely event that Hot Plate Catering has to cancel your booking, you’ll receive all of your advance payments including your deposit, although Hot Plate Catering Oldham will not have any other liability.  


However, Hot Plate Catering will only cancel if: 

  • any of the venue is closed or unavailable due to events beyond our control

  • if you, or we, become insolvent, or in the case of bankruptcy

  • in extreme circumstances out of our control i.e. severe weather

Payment Requirements

1c. Balances to be paid via bank transfer myst be cleared in full 48hrs prior to the event date at the latest. If you cannot budget for the entire payment in one go, you can pay a deposit amount first and the rest later either in a single second payment or multiple payments. The deposit amount will be agreed upfront regardless of whether or not you pay fully upfront so that both parties are aware of entitled refunds (see 1a. above). You can pay your final payment on the night in cash if preferred.

1d. Hot Plate Catering Oldham are unable to collect cash funds or take payment via credit or debit card over the phone.

1e. Hot Plate Catering Oldham do not accept cheques for private bookings, except in certain circumstances from businesses with no alternative option.


Changes to my Booking

2a. Can I change my guest numbers?

Yes, provided they do not exceed our maximum ability of catering for 300 guests (specific service numbers may differ).  

If numbers are considerably reduced, Hot Plate Catering reserves the right to increase the value per head to match previously agreed minimum numbers. (why?) - We may have turned other clients away as we were initially unavailable due to the size of your event or numbers to cater for.

2b. Can I change my order?

Yes, you can change your order within reason up to 72hrs before providing the content of your order does not exceed our maximum ability of catering for 300 guests (specific service numbers may differ). A complete change in menu, e.g. from a pie supper to a sit down three-course meal, or from a cold buffet to a curry night, may incur a menu change fee to cover labour costs.

If numbers are considerably reduced, Hot Plate Catering reserves the right to increase the value per head to match previously agreed minimum numbers. (why?) - We may have turned other clients away as we were initially unavailable due to the size of your event or numbers to cater for.

Health and Safety

3. Health and Safety is extremely important to us. It is our policy to be covered and in agreement with health and safety when it comes to all of our events, deliveries and services.

Hot Plate Catering Oldham is rated Five Stars for Hygiene by Oldham Metropolitan Borough Service.

Hot Plate Catering Oldham will always make absolutely every effort to keep the health and safety of both our client and his/her guests and our staff, to an extremely high standard.

The Client accepts full responsibility for their own and their guests behaviour and conduct. This includes children. We cannot be responsible for injury or accident when making deliveries and do ask that all guests, particularly children and groups of children, are supervised at all times and/or are able to cooperate with our delivery and service in a way which does not restrict space or time.

Often, deliveries are several trips to and from our vehicle/s. The Client is therefore also responsible for guest awareness and to ensure that doorways are not repeatedly blocked and paths to and from buffet or service tables are completely clear.

Our staff will not accept any form of abuse or inappropriate behaviour and we are willing to cancel your booking with us on site, should this become an ongoing issue which cannot be resolved by yourself as the Client, of which a deposit refund will not be issued.



Things to consider when booking Hot Plate Catering Oldham


Bookings: When booking a date with Hot Plate Catering Oldham, we can only confirm and guarantee bookings one year in advance.  Provisional dates can be accepted prior to this.  Bookings should be confirmed after a deposit is paid, two weeks prior.  We can make allowance for last minute bookings but this is subject to availability or other cancellations and at the discretion of the Chef/Management. All bookings exceeding £300 in value must be submitted on an official booking form unless informed otherwise (terms and conditions will still apply in full to all bookings regardless of a booking form submission or contract agreement).  A deposit is required to secure a selected date calculated at roughly one third of the overall total. The deposit amount may be rounded up or down to make later payments more straight forward. The deposit total will be decided by the Chef/Manager. More can be paid upfront if desired but the minimum required is the deposit amount which will be confirmed by Management after your booking has been received.


Car Parking: Some venues offer very limited parking availability and often our deliveries are with one member of staff only. If your venue is situated in a tight or restricted space which has limited parking availability, please let us know in advance. We may need to make arrangements with the venue owners to reserve delivery space. This is especially true if it is particularly far to the nearest car park or convenient parking space. If it is unavoidable, we may need to block vehicles in temporarily, we will use hazard lights if this is necessary and a written message on our dashboard to alert anyone waiting that we are briefly offloading. We request that your guests are notified that parking close to the venue may result in them being blocked in temporarily. If we are serving at your event, we may park close to the venue and then move our vehicle/s later for service, returning them to pack away again at the end.


Directions: Directions to your venue or home must be provided if your venue or home is particularly difficult to find, off the beaten track or has no door number for example. If your venue is not an obvious land mark on the road or street in question, e.g. a house address which is among a very long road of other houses, please give specific and detailed information on where to find it. E.g. which side of the road, just after the petrol station, before the school etc. Please bear in mind when giving direction, that our satellite navigation does not pin point house numbers, only street names and postcodes.


Alcohol: We do not currently sell alcohol. Some of our dishes may contain alcohol such as ‘ale’ and 'wine' of which the alcohol content is cooked away. We are not able to serve you or your guests alcohol provided by a venue or by yourself.


Other Suppliers: If other food goods are to be provided by any other person including, caterers, food servers or a family or friend, whether present at the event or not, including pre-made sandwich trays, hot food etc, we must be made aware in advance. Cakes such as birthday and wedding cakes are not applicable to this term. We are not able to serve your guests any other food goods including cakes although we may be able to stay additional to prior paid for service to serve cake. This must be pre-agreed.


Photography: Photographers are of course, welcome to take photo’s of our staff, service and food goods.


Safety: Physical Safety on site is the responsibility of the Venue Management or Owner at all times.


Responsible Person: We recommend nominating a person with a contact number for any questions or problems that may occur on the day, particularly if you are making a wedding booking, so that the bride or groom are not disturbed. Best men, Bridesmaids or Bride and Groom Parents are often used here. We will still deal with the original party organiser in the run up to the event but on the day itself, will come to this person with any problems. We will call them if we are running behind for example. If you would like a nominated responsible person, please include their name, contact number and relation on the booking form or let us know by email or phone when you book.

Our terms and conditions will be legally enforced if necessary. Please ask us for more details or help if required.